“Complete” is a bit of a misnomer since it can take up to 72 hours for all the DNS records to completely update around the world.

That small technicality notwithstanding, all email is being routed directly to the FastMail server. This means that email is no longer passing through the Gmail server.

You may notice a slight uptick in spam as the FastMail server adjusts to the new email. However, it should quickly subside (See more: https://www.fastmail.fm/help/spam_virus_protection.html)

If you notice any issues with emails not getting through, please let me know. I’ve triple checked everything, but you never know.

Also, if you had a fergfam.org email address, you can still check your old email by logging in at https://gmail.com.

However, do not send email from the Gmail interface since the Gmail server is no longer recognized as an authorized sender for fergfam.org. As such, your emails (when sent from the Gmail interface) may not reach their intended recipient.